Residential Recycling Service

Recycling Service will change from every other week to weekly service for residential customers beginning January 1, 2016.

Click here to review the map for service day in your area.

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Paper: Most types of paper, such as ad circulars, catalogs, carbonless paper, dry goods packaging with liners removed. envelopes, file folders, flattened cardboard, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, office paper, paper towel/toilet paper core, phone books, paperback books, paper bags, non-metallic gift wrap.

Plastics: Labeled #1 through #7. Look for the recycling symbol on the bottom. Remove lids and rinse.
Examples: beverage bottle, shampoo and lotion bottles, meat trays, condiment bottles, prescription medicine bottles, and plastic grocery bags tied together into bundle.

Metal Cans: Aluminum, steel and tin beverage and food cans rinse all food or liquids, aerosol cans, empty and remove nozzle, baking tins, rinse and remove remaining food.

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DO NOT INCLUDE: Food waste, plastic bags, or polystyrene foam cups & containers.
Universal City residential recycling day is every week as identified by the service map.
Contact Waste Mgt Customer Service at 800-800-5804 for a recycle bin or for missed pick up of garbage, brush, or recyclables. Any additional containers may be used and must be clearly marked recycling.